Security measurement (KPI and KRI) is at the heart of any security program or ISMS (Information Sercurity Management System). Without the right set of metrics and measurements, the system can't be improved.


The set of KPIs and KRIs included in this package are:

0. Definitions

1. Security - Business KPIs


3. Security Operations KRIs

4. Cyber Security KPIs

5. Risk Management KPIs

6. Audit KPIs

7. Security Go-to-Green Plan (Dashboard)


As it is important to measure the right parameter, care must be taken not to over measure unnecessary parameter which will result in chaos very soon. These 39 security metrics and measurements (including numerous KPIs and KRIs) would be an ideal choice for your security program.


For more details on the next level of ISMS dashboard (report), please review the ISMS Framework package.

Important Information Security KPI and KRI {for ISMS and more...}