All organizations, big or small, should have an effective cyber security program. Not having an expert security professional onboard should not be a blocker.                                                

Our Vision

You are required to buy one license for each legal entity. Reuse across multiple legal entities is not permitted.


TemplatesIT specialized in information security aspects of an organization. We create frameworks that deals with confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Focus Area

We do not collect ANY of your information. However PayPal and Stripe payment gateways do. The email address collected is used to send you the product download link after purchases.

Privacy policy

Create customizable information security frameworks (policies, processes, procedures, templates, etc.) that are necessary for an information security program.

Our Mission

While the security frameworks are suitable for organizations of any size, small and medium business will find it more useful.

Target audience

support is one email away at You will receive our response within one business day.

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Defects in the products and services that we offer will be fixed without  additional charges. Customization of these products to suite your particular needs is a part of the professional services that we offer.

Support policy

We provide good quality information security frameworks and if necessary, the professional service required to implement them.


Why Us?

TemplatesIT is a virtual organization. Even though the registered company is in Singapore, our operation is truly global in nature.

Company location

We are a virtual group of practicing professionals with a mission. In our day-job, we are just one among you. CISO, Security Architect, Risk Manager, Security Manager and so on.

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